bangkok west thai / Pad Thai Recipe



  • Pad Thai Rice Noodles, chicken breast, shrimp, egg
    Pad Thai mixed sauce bangkok west tammarin, paprika, cured aged root
    Cut small fried tofu, root
    Bean Sprouts, cut green onion

How To

  • Heat up wok, 1 oz.TSP cooking oil
    When wok hot steam, put meat and shrimp cook 1/2 way
    Put in one egg and stir
    Blanch Pad Thai noodles in boiling water pot to soften the noodles and put in the hot wok
    1/3 spoon paprika
    Stir it all together, make sure it’s not too dry. Let it cooked evenly 5-10 minutes so the sauce gets into the noodles and soften the noodles up. When it’s ready, throw in some bean sprouts, cut fried tofu pieces, cured chopped root, cut green onion, and stir wok mixed together for 2 minutes and pour onto a plate (deep plate)
    Main Taste: sweet, sour, salty, and smell sour sweet like tammarin

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